The Bulk Carrier Terminal of Babitonga-TGB was created in order to enable the installation and operation of one of the most modern and efficient terminals for dry bulk cargoes in Brazil. With advanced technology, the project was created to handle export demands, mainly of sugar and grain.

Formed by Brazilian entrepreneurs and foreign companies, TGB will be a productive unit intended to deal with part of the demand of the bulk carrier sector in Brazil, which will bring solutions for the flow of Brazilian agricultural products.

The entrepreneurship has a modern system which uses several means of transportation in order to reduce both cost and time. A modern and adapted logistical infrastructure using integrated systems of different means, such as railroad, highway, and emphasizing waterway.

All this will allow great development of the whole region of São Francisco do Sul.


The creation of a private port terminal in the region of São Francisco do Sul is of extreme importance for all the local, state and Brazilian economy. It will facilitate the flow of dry bulk cargoes, increasing the competitiveness of all the Brazilian agribusiness productive chain.

As it has a great storage capacity and integrated and extremely modern unloading system, it allows up to 12 trucks to unload simultaneously. With a large parking yard, it avoids queues forming, which generates waste and disturbance in the road network, delaying and complicating the life of the inhabitants of São Francisco. It will also be able to handle a railroad composition of up to 800 meters in length, entirely inside the terminal, avoiding external transit due to maneuvering of trains, which will be able to unload while moving.

The Terminal will contribute to the competitiveness of the Brazilian product in the dry bulk cargoes market at the international level, providing great development in all the region, increasing the qualification of the inhabitants generating new jobs. It will be one of the largest and most modern terminals for bulk cargoes in the world.


TGB is situated in the insular part of the Island of São Francisco do Sul, southeastern edge of Babitonga Bay, port zone of the municipality, on the road of Laranjeiras (Rua Walter Rhinow), district Laranjeiras. At approximately 2km from BR-280 and 3km from the railway line operated by RUMO.