Founded in 1533, the town of São Francisco do Sul is the 3rd oldest town in Brazil. Affectionately known as São Chico, it is located in the northern region of Santa Catarina state, and has a little over 40 thousand inhabitants and the 8th largest GDP in Santa Catarina, with the largest GDP per capita in the state. The great locomotive of its development is the Port of São Francisco do Sul, administered by the State Government.

Babitonga Bay, in the region of São Chico, has calm, deep and sheltered water, ideal for navigation and building ports and terminals. Its large area allows large ships to maneuver, being a natural incoming and outgoing port for the state, contributing to alleviate the port bottleneck of the country.

By its port vocation, the activity responsible for a great part of the economic development of the region, São Francisco is one of the most important towns in the north of Santa Catarina. This region, with more than a million inhabitants, is considered to be the economic engine of the state.